Lifetime Goal: Travel Mas!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am excited about this year because I know it will be a year of more travel for me. I spoke it into existence! I hope its a year of travel for you guys as well.

Over the last few days I kept seeing posts about a 2016 Travel Bucket List,  and it got me thinking about my travel bucket list. I never really had one, I just know there are so many places and cultures I want to experience in my lifetime.

However, there are a few places that I feel like I absolutely have to experience before I die! I narrowed it down to my top 3.

1. Cuba

I’ve always been mesmerized by everything that is Cuba. The country is enriched with so much history and culture, to experience it would bring me nothing but pure joy. In my head I envision, sitting outside smoking a cigar with one of the female elders, listening to all the wisdom she has to share.


Photo on the streets of old Havana, with a lot nice classical american cars.
Photo on the streets of old Havana, with a lot nice classical american cars.

2. Zanzibar, Tanzania

To be honest, I discovered Zanzibar in recent years. I read this article almost a year ago and fell in love with this woman’s experience. Now I’ve become obsessed with Zanzibar’s beauty and culture and cannot wait to have my own experience!



3. Curaçao

I have been in love with the idea of Curaçao ever since I can remember. I was in Jamaica one summer when I was younger and I met this lady that told me that one of the languages she speaks is Papiamento. She explained that she learned the language due to the fact that she travels back and forth from Jamaica to Curaçao. I had never heard of the language or the country at that time but for some reason  I found both to be very intriguing. Fast forward to 2016… I’m on a mission to get to Curaçao and learn Papiamento.



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So those are my top 3 places I must travel to before I leave this earth. What are yours?

4 thoughts on “Lifetime Goal: Travel Mas!

  1. I love this!! I’m so happy that you are doing everything you were once hesitant about. No regrets and no sadness over time lost as everything happens when it is supposed to. I am finding myself more eager to travel the world and see things that just don’t cut it from my couch lol. Last summer I went to Mexico and saw Chichen Itza and it was an AMAZING experience! I’ve decided I will strive to see as many of the Old and some New 7 wonders of the world as possible. This year we are planning on seeing the Northern Lights. As someone who takes almost everything seriously I know these experiences will enrich my and my family’s life. Perspective is everything. Keep going! I look forward to seeing your future endeavors. Love you.

    1. Awww…That means so much to me!! Thank you! I encourage you to get out and see more! I myself am also planning to see the Northern Lights via Iceland, soon, God willing!
      Thanks so much for your encouraging words. Sending Love & Light your way!

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