Storms Always Pass

Being Still
Cried my eyes out around 11:30AM….
I am feeling very unbalanced.
I hate when things are not stable.
I hate that I don’t have patience.
I can’t wait til this storm is over.
I can’t wait til I’m out the fire.
I wish I had more faith.
I pray for the strength to hold on.
I pray for everyone around me but who’s praying for me?
I pray that everything works according to His divine plan.
I just wish His plan and my plan are in alignment.
I know something great is coming.
I just don’t like this rocky period.
I’ll be ok. I just need need to Let go & Let god.
But my God, it is difficult…HELP ME!

Deep huh?

Can you believe I have no clue what I was going through when I wrote the passage above? I found this in the Notes section of my phone from three (3) years ago! I cannot remember what I was going through or who I was mad at or why I was so hurt. I do remember being in a depression three (3) years ago but as to what triggered me writing that note, I have no clue.

The reason why I shared this with you guys is to show you that storms do pass. I know that in that moment of me writing that note, I probably felt like whatever I was feeling and going through was never going to end. But thank God it did end. I have since learned that everything in life is temporary, especially your emotions. When I used to go to therapy, my therapist used to tell me not to act in anger. She said that anger was like a hot air balloon, you go really high but eventually it comes back down. I try to think of this when I get upset about something and it is way for me to control my anger. there was a period in my life where I would become so enraged I would literally see red and I felt that I could not calm myself down. It seems so silly when I think of it now, because I could not imagine someone getting my that upset now. Thank God for growth!

Whenever you going through a storm and nothing seems to be going right, I advise you to be still until it passes. IT WILL PASS. Here is a song I listen to whenever I am going through a lot. I listen to gospel music when I am upset to bring me back down or when I am going through a rough patch to keep me grounded. I hope it blesses you like it blesses me.

Whatever you do, remember the storm will pass. Just be patient. I promise you it is worth it.

-Ciao, Bella