2017 Travel Goals 

Happy New Year Party People!! I hope you guys welcomed 2017 with a whole heart and open arms! I went to New Years Eve service at my Church and although I was disappointed that they didn’t have watch night service this year, service was absolutely amazing!

This year I am looking forward to traveling to new countries and meeting more wonderful people, like you all!

So here it goes, my travel goals for 2017:

1) Africa: I am determined to wake up in the continent of Africa for my birthday! I still have not made it to Zanzibar which was on my goal list from last year. But now, I also want to do Mauritius, Seychelles, and Kenya. Not to mention, I am still trying to get to Morocco and my father’s homeland of Nigeria. Ugh! Decisions, decisions!

2) Asia: I am dying to go to the Phillipines and Thailand! (Followed by Japan in a strong third place)! I am dying to island hop in the Phillipines, particularly to Cebu and Boracay! I also want to hop around Thailand, specifically Chaing Mai & Phuket.

3) Australia & New Zealand: Australia is still on my vision board! I would love to explore diffrent cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne while I am there. I feel like if you go to Australia you mind as a well hop over to New Zealand because who knows the next time you will be on that side of the world?! Do it big or go home!

These are the places that have been on my mind lately. What is on your travel goal list?? Drop em in the comments!