Why One Trip To Amsterdam Was Enough For Me

Beautiful people ! How are you guys ? I’m back to tell you about my Amsterdam experience. *takes deep breath*

So…I could’ve done without it. But let me explain (Kevin Hart voice)! Amsterdam is an incredibly beautiful city. It’s very calm and laid back. There are bikes and beautiful picture worthy bridges everywhere. I found the people there to be very friendly and even to my surprise very diverse.


Now listen if you are into that marijuana stuff, this is the place for you! I found it very interesting that you could go into “coffee shops” and just pick some weed off a menu and boom you are good to go!  Then it just became so funny to me to see people sitting inside and outside these coffe shops high as hell looking like zombies. No shade ! I am sure if I dabbled in the ganja I would’ve had a totally different experience!

So let me share some of what I got myself into when I was there. First, I stayed at the NH Museum Quarter Hotel. I only stayed at this hotel and spent this money becuase I booked my hotel super last minute because I booked my plane ticket so far in advance and completely forgot about where I was going to sleep. I also booked it because it was my birthday and I felt like splurging. HOWEVER, I would definitely suggest an airbnb for Amsterdam. I even had some nice spots saved on my airbnb wishlist. This is definitely a city that is completly safe enough to just live like a local.

I definitely took the train and tram around during my stay. Getting around bu tram and the metro is very easy. Especially if you are a NYC girl like myself and used to commuting.

I did this cool Black Heritage canal and museum tour. The tour is owned and operated by Jennifer Tosch whom I found out about through one of my travel groups. This tour was amazing and Jennifer is such a wonderful spirit as well as cool and down to earth. I suggest everyone take this tour if they go to Amsterdam but be prepared to look at everyone with I side eye when it’s over! *sips tea*


So Jennifer is of Surinamese decent and I found out that there is a large Surinamese population in Amsterdam and I ended up traveling outside the city to find some authentic Surinamese Chinese food. I don’t know if you guys know, but I am super picky with food and I HATE trying new things because the way my stomach is setup… I have to be! I was so happy to have food that was very much close to West Indian cuisine. She also recommended a BBQ restaurant (which I linked) and went there for dinner twice because the spare ribs were that good!


I did not do the typical Heineken experience tour because I hate Heineken and did not want to waste my money. However, i tried their local beer called Grolsch and found it to taste way better! Make sure you try it when you are out there.


I went to a couple local restaurants also and did a lot of walking and exploring. I think the reason why I would not go back here twice is because I did not get a real sense of culture that I gravitated towards or found intriguing. My dad and I had the a debate about Amsterdam the other day because he tried to convince me that Amsterdam was poppin when he went back in the day and that it’s a fun city. The city is absolutely gorgeous and I am sure they get it poppin’ but I did not get that vibe. I guess I also have to take into account that I was there during the week and maybe the city turns up on weekends. I just feel that if I wanted to get away for a few days and be alone and maybe journal and get my life together this city would be the place to be. However, I would probably much rather get my life together somewhere warmer. It was cold in Amsterdam and it rained like the earth its self was depending on water to survive. One of the locals said that the only time they really get nice weather is in the spring. So what I would suggest to you all is if you go, make sure that you go in the spring and don’t spend to long there because you will probably get bored unless you are high then you probably wont notice the time passing anyway! Well what I gathered from my trip is this: MAYBE I SHOULD’VE JUST GOT HIGH! LOL

Have any of you guys ever been? I’m interested in hearing different perspectives. Maybe someone can get me to change my mind about it. Talk to you guys soon!

-Ciao, Bella

Ps. I booked one of my dream destinations and will be going in December. Can you guess where it is?

8 thoughts on “Why One Trip To Amsterdam Was Enough For Me

  1. I went in mid May and it was chilly (which is saying a lot since I went to Iceland right after). The city and canals were packed and more than popping so maybe a weekday in October does make all the difference? You were supposed to nibble on a space cake!

  2. I’ve recently just gone and I loved it! I guess you’re right about the spring being the best time, sun out and no rain😬. I did go to the coffeeshops too😂That probably helped too

  3. I still haven’t been to Amsterdam so I’ll be making note of your recommendations. What’s the name of the Surinamese-Chinese restaurant? The food looks GOOD!

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