This Is Why You Should Go To South Africa

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I finally made it to the Motherland! It was one of the most amazing times of my life. I will share some of my highlights with you all. I travelled to Cape Town and JoBurg and while both were equally joyous and enlightening, Cape Town was my absolute favorite!

The 16 hour plane ride from JFK to JoBurg and back was a little brutal (especially the flight back) but it was well worth it. Oh, and I do not recommend flying South African Airways unless you can afford business or first class (I could not afford it). There is no wifi or outlets on their planes which makes the ride seem that much longer! Nonetheless, I enjoyed every minute of my 8-day trip!

Anybody that has been thinking about going or has heard about it and has been hesitant, I have two words for you: BOOK IT! You will thank me later. Trust me.

Check out some of the pics of Cape Town below.


UPDATE: I did a complete recap of my time in South Africa here!



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