Costa Rica: Pure Vibes

Hey My Loves!

My most recent trip was to Costa Rica! This had to be one of the most fun trips I have taken in a very long time. It was quite adventurous for me. I love to travel but I am not the adventurous traveler! I am glad I tried new things on this trip because it was everything! I faced a few of my fears out in the jungle!


I flew into Liberia, Costa Rica which is on the country’s Pacific coast. I originally wanted to go to the Caribbean side of the country but the way the flights were set up, I had no choice but to book the cheaper option! However, next time I go back I will be flying into San Jose and exploring the Caribbean side of the country.

Listen! I am just going to get straight to the point: YOU NEED TO GO TO COSTA RICA! The vibes are so laid back. Everyone is happy and carefree. Even if you have a million problems at home, you sure ain’t gonna have them in Costa Rica. It literally pulls you into its peace!

EXCURSIONS: I did two excursions during my stay. I did a package that included: zip-lining, horseback riding, rappelling, rock climbing, mud bath, hot springs, and white water rafting! I did not do the rock climbing or rappelling because that is where I drew the line with my adventurous side!

Even though I am scared of heights (well at least I thought I was), I faced my fear and went zip lining through a damn jungle and over a raging river! Who am I? See also* Why did I think zip lining was just zipping across the jungle once and your done? This was SEVEN different courses. Like why? I felt like I got setup!

I started freakin out on two of the courses so I had to ride with one of the instructors!


The other package I did was a Sunset Cruise from Playa Flamingo that included: food, open bar, snorkeling, and some other stuff that you can do out at sea in the middle of no where. It’s so cliche and typical but it’s a great way to just relax, reflect, and feel like you are ballin’ (depending on the size of the boat you are on). I have been on sunset cruises way more turnt than this one but the vibe on the boat depends on the crowd. I had a great time doing this cruise because I met some really awesome (not so turns up) people. I also realized that you do not need to know how to swim in order to snorkel! However, that did not stop me from getting out the water ten minutes after I got in though!

WHERE I STAYED: I stayed at the Hotel Cantarana in Playa Grande. I LOVED this hotel. It’s a cute boutique hotel with excellent TripAdvisor ratings. The rooms are spacious and clean. They have happy hour everyday (very important). The staff was very nice and friendly because Pura Vida, duh! They also setup all my excursions. The most important thing is that it’s on the beach! A dope, secluded beach at that. I highly recommend this hotel.

Note: This hotel is far (over an hour) from the airport so the airport transportation is pricey. However, you can opt to rent a car if you want. I am still not comfortable driving cars in other countries, but if you do rent one you can see so much more of the country.

HOW LONG YOU SHOULD STAY: I really played myself with my length of stay (3 nights). It is impossible to do everything you want to do in that amount of time. I recommend at least a week, minimum. There are so many waterfalls, natural reserves, and volcanoes on the island. You can also do a day trip to Nicaragua from the side of the island I stayed on. So whatever you do, do not play yourself like I did!


I was literally in HEAVEN!

That’s all for now folks. I hope you enjoy the pictures!




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  1. Thanks for these tips! I’m supposed to be going to Costa Rica in a few months and that sunset cruise sounds like loads of fun. You had me at open bar!

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