Benefits of Taking a Cruise

Hi Guys!! I am fresh off of vacation! It was very relaxing and much needed!

The family and I try to do a family trip every year. We started a few years ago by going on a cruise. We took a seven (7) day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos leaving from New York. We were at sea so long before getting to the Bahamas that we had cabin fever by the time we got there. Not to mention there were four (4) of us in an inside cabin. It was torture! By the end of the cruise we vowed we would never do another cruise again. Well we lied to ourselves because we then did another seven (7) day cruise leaving from New York to Bermuda. This time the cruise wasn’t that bad because we spent three (3) days docked in Bermuda but we decided to take Norwegian Cruise line instead. The only thing we really didn’t like was that Norwegian is on some sort of “health kick” so on top of paying for soda and liquor the only thing that was free was water and water flavored juice! However, by the end of the trip we stated that this time was gonna be our last time cruising!

Well, here we are back at again on a cruise! This time we did Royal Caribbean. I was particularly interested in this cruise because I had never been to any of the islands that the ship was going to and more importantly because Jetblue was having a great promotion/deal. The ship left from San Juan, PR and sailed to St. Maarten, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. If you’ve read my blog about my travel goals for this year, you know that Curaçao was definitely on my list, so I was super excited! Also, as part of the promotion yhe balcony rooms were cheaper than the inside rooms, so no more extra small inside cabins for us!

So I know you guys are not going to believe me, but I think this is our last cruise!! We absoulutely did not like Royal Caribbean. The food was HORRIBLE! The one thing that I love about cruises is that you can eat whatever you want at any time of day. You can do that on Royal Caribbean but the food was so bad we dreaded going to eat everyday. Now that we’ve been on all three (3) major cruise lines, I would recommend Carnival. The food was good, they had more fun things to do on board, such as themed nights and clubs, and it was also kid friendly. When I say kid friendly, I mean there were all day programs designed for kids so you could literally drop your kids off and get drunk at the casino!

Is Cruising Good For You?

  • Cons

Cruises are pricey, especially if you are paying for a family. If you live by a cruise port then you only have to worry about paying for the cruise itself, but if not you also have to buy plane tickets. Also, every cruise adds a $13/$13.50pp gratuity charge each day that is paid at the end of the cruise plus any additional charges. Additionally, you have to pay for soda and liquor because it is not included with your meals. However, water, juice, coffee, and tea is included. You can purchase bevarge packages for an additional cost.

  • Pros

Cruises are the best way to visit lot of  countries/cities at one time. It is great to be able to explore places and figure out if you would want to go back or not. For instance, on this trip I got to visit Curaçao, a country I’ve been obsessing over for a while now. We did a tour of the island and I fell even more in love with it and I am going to go back to stay for a few days. On the other hand, I went to Bonaire and discovered it is paradise for scuba divers and snorklers. I would’ve been bored out of my mind had I went there for vacation.

I do recommend cruises but just budget accordingly. Do not forget to factor in spending money for tours, excursions, and souvenirs.

I have to say, Curaçao did take place of Barbados as my favorite Caribbean Island but I still want to go to Anguilla, St. Lucia, and Antigua. Have any of you ever been? What’s your favorite island to visit?


PS. I came back from the Caribbean without a mosquito bite or Zika!! I used this spray before I went out everyday.

6 thoughts on “Benefits of Taking a Cruise

  1. My family has been wanting to do a family cruise for the longest. I would actually be game, if I wasn’t terrified of cruises! Lol. But I agree, I think it’s a great way to sort of try out different potential vacation spots for size and see which fits best for a future getaway.

  2. I am cringing at the thought of cabin fever before even reaching the destination. I would go crazy! Thank you so much for doing a comparison of the lines. I am child free but I need to make sure I start small with like a 3-5 day cruise first. I don’t think I’m ready to bite the bullet with 7. lol

  3. As a cruiser from Australia I enjoyed your post. There are some down sides but for me the pros outweigh the cons. My cruise line of choice is Holland America. They have never failed to impress. I haven’t yet been to these destinations but would certainly love to. Thanks for sharing.

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