How Energy Work Helps Me With Depression


“Cross around my neck and a crystal in my pocket. My love is the bomb & forgiveness is the rocket” -Emelie Sandé

Greetings All!!

Before you even ask, YES I am absolutely a believer in the power of Jesus but I am also VERY spiritual and I believe in the power of the energy in the universe. I whole heartedly believe that what you put out in the universe, comes right back to you and you never know when it’s coming. KARMA IS THAT BISH!

I am an empathetic person in that, if I feel the energy is off, I immediately shut down. The more and more I become in tune with my self the worst it gets. I am super sensitive, although I know empaths that are way more sensitive than myself. It has gotten harder for me to function in large groups because one persons energy can cause me to shut down. Then I look like the “bad and boujee” friend that think they are too good to speak to anyone. I seem as if I am extroverted and I definitely am at times, but only in small groups. If I have an event to go to and I know it will be a large group of people, especially people I do not know, I get major anxiety. I rather be in my house, where it is safe! LOL!

What I noticed about myself recently is that I am very cautious about the things I give energy to. I do not hold grudges or  bitterness anymore. When I feel the vibe isn’t right, I distance myself and put my energy into other things. No matter how wrong you did me, if its in my heart to do something nice for you or bless you in any type of way, I will. Because one thing about them tables, they always turn. The negative energy you put out will come right back to you in some form. So why should I worry about it? That’s not my job, thats God’s job. The universe tells me “its handled”!

Besides traveling, energy work is another self healing tool I use to keep me from falling into depressions. 

That bish Venus Retrograde had me feeling so crazy. I was going through the motions ya’ll. I was questioning everything about my life, the relationships with people in my life, my worth, my dreams, my goals, YOU NAME IT (Pastor Shirley Caesar’s voice)! I was a mess. I felt myself going into a depression. Nevertheless, I was NOT about to let the devil win and drag me back down that path, so I practiced energy work and self care rituals. Venus officially went direct (it’s over) yesterday, but as of a few days ago, I started feeling like myself again. I actually feel much better and I am thinking much clearer.

Here are some energy clearing tips that I use to keep me grounded:

Sage: I burn sage almost every day as soon as I come home from work. I do this because I work around many different people and then taking that GOD FORSAKEN train back and forth to work you do not know what kinda energy will cling to you. Sage is used to cleanse negative energy. I burn it in my bedroom because that is where I spend the most of my time, but I also burn it through out the house, especially on cleaning days.

Sidebar: Speaking of cleaning days, make sure you always keep your space clean. Being in messy, cluttered spaces attracts negative energy. Whenever my house turns into a “pigsty” (as my mom would say) it is because I am going through something or deeply confused. Take this as your spring cleaning reminder!

Healing Crystals: I have so many healing crystals ya’ll. I got a crystal for everything. The crystal I am wearing in the above picture is a rose quartz. It is also called the Love Stone. It is used to open up the heart to love and clear out any feelings that are not of love, such as jealousy, anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness. It also used for self love and to attract love.

The stones I use the most often are the citrine (success stone), tigers eye (for grounding), and Lapis Lazuli (communication). I buy my crystals used for jewelry from here and I buy loose stones for the house here.

Yoni Steams: STRICTLY FOR THE LADIES. Remember when I said energy is transferable? Well guess what, it is most definitely transferable from being intimate with someone. Yoni Steams are similar to a vaginal steam except this steam releases toxins and energies that were connected with you from being intimate with partners that did not have good energy. I bought my steam from here and it definitely was an experience. After I finished the steam I felt super weak and tired.  I went to bed almost immediately afterwards. That night I had a dream about a past lover that turned out to be a devil spawned from satan himself. Anyway, in the dream he was being so evil to everyone around me, but did not acknowledge me. That was confirmation to me that I had released that energy and soul tie. Weird right? Just goes to show that you can pick up energy that is not yours to keep! LET IT GO!

Aura Cleanses/ Baths: Cleansing baths are my ultimate joy. It is such a great self care ritual. I sit in a salt bath and add lavender or sometimes dried rose petals and I meditate. It is the most relaxing and energy boosting tool that I use. Salt water is used to get rid of negative energy. My dad always tells me “don’t forget to wash yourself in the salt water” every time I go somewhere that has a beach.

Additionally, pay attention to when your energy changes around certain people. Listen to your body. Always go with you gut instinct. Energy is transferable!! Just being around someone negative or bad mind (as Jamaicans would say) can cause you to pick up their negative vibes. Here are more self care tips that I previously wrote about.


“Through my tears…I found God in myself and I loved her…I loved her fiercely” 

―Ntozake Shange

I am still learning about ways to vibrate higher but these tips have helped me significantly on becoming the woman I am today. In order to love my self fiercely I have to take care of myself. Do not pour from a cup that is half empty! I am a light warrior and I fight everyday to keep my vibrations up and my energy clear so that I can continue to be a blessing to others. I do not have time to be bitter and angry towards people, that is karma that I do not need back in my life.





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