Feliz in Gran Canaria

Hello Beautiful People! I am fresh off my birthday trip to Gran Canaria!

As you all should know by now, I celebrate my birthday every year out of the country. Last year, I went to Amsterdam for my birthday and I was cold and miserable because I became sick due to the change in weather. So, this year I decided I had to be some place warm. You guys know how much I love the Caribbean but since my birthday is during hurricane season, that is always off limits for me. I really wanted to do Zanzibar this year because (on my travel goal list) but the way my vacation days are setup, I knew I could only go as far as Europe.

So what did I do? I researched the warmest destinations in Europe and boom, Gran Canaria came up! I had never explored the idea of going to the Canary Islands, although I have heard people rave about them. This year was my turn to find out what the big deal was. Well, let’s just say it lived up to the my hype!

View From Hotel Balcony

Where I Stayed:

I stayed at the Sentido Gran Canaria Princess Hotel. I liked this hotel, very clean and beautiful inside. Most of the staff (had one guy I got into it with during check out) was extremely helpful and friendly. The hotel gave me a complimentary bottle of champagne that was in my room upon my arrival to help kick off my birthday. I should’ve took more pictures of the hotel but I did not spend much time there besides going to the pool. My bad :/


What I Did:

I did nothing during this trip and it was everything! I did not do one excursion or tour. Sounds boring but I loved every minute of it. It was actually how I envisioned my birthday trip. It was just reelaxing as ever. All I did was eat, lay out on the beach, and sit by the pool. The weather was beautiful. Although it was supposed to be in the 70s, it surely felt like the mid-80’s. Guess who wasn’t complaining though? I am sure you guessed right *wink*IMG_8859

Where I Ate:

Plaza del Faro is a plaza along the water filled with shops and restaurants. This is where I ate for dinner mostly, because there were so many great restaurants to choose from. On my birthday I went to Restaurante Grill El Churrasco Meloneras and the staff sang to me. Can you tell on a scale from 1-10 how happy I was in the video below?

I also milked this whole birthday thing the next night when I had dinner at Pitos y flats Meloneras when our waitress had the live singer sing happy birthday to me. (See video below)

Every place I ate at during this trip had amazing food. You know how I feel about food in Europe (it sucks, no shade). Also did not take picture of the food because…hungry. My bad (again).

Also, did I mention there are palm trees every where on this island? It felt so damn tropical. Me and my island girl self loved it. After dinner walking along the water in Plaza del Faro was the perfect wine down. Also the perfect photo-op to take pics under the palm trees!IMG_8911

Would I Go Back?

HELL TO THE YES. If you are looking for a great place to relax and be great, Gran Canaria is where it’s at. This may be a little slow paced for many, as I was probably the youngest adult on the island and everyone looked and moved as if theey were retired, but it worked for me. This getaway was truly peaceful and enjoyable. My birthday trip in Barcelona 2 years was one of the best birthday trips I ever had also, there must be something about Spain…


Anyway, for real this time, next birthday I will be waking up in AFRICA! Ase!



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