Fiji Melanin

Fiji was the absolutely the most beautiful place I have visited thus far. Not only was the landscape and ocean beautiful, but the melanin filled people were gorgeous. As soon as I arrived at immigration when I landed I was in awe of all the beauty that the Fijian people encompass! They were in awe of me as well. Fiji’s tourism mostly comes from Australians and therefore they are not used to people with skin as beautiful dark as mine. I was in heaven.

Where I Stayed:

I stayed at the Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay in Nandi. This resort is absolutely gorgeous. It’s literally the most tranquil resort I have ever been to in my entire life. It’s easily the place where you would want to spend your honeymoon but I didn’t feel any parts of honeymoon envy. Everything was so peaceful and beautiful.


The only excursion I did was the sunset cruise to Robinson Crusoe Island which consists of dinner and cultural show. It’s a must if visiting the island!

Denarau Island:

You can also take a drive down to Denarau Island which is also very beautiful. On the island is a large golf club and a couple other resorts. There is also good shopping and nice restaurants along the waterfront.

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