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How Do You Cope With Grief?

How do you cope with grief?

I know that I always write about how important it is to overcome fear. It is very important. However, there are still a few fears that I have not conquered yet. The fear of grief is one of them.

As someone who believes in reincarnation, I do not fear death. I believe that your soul never dies, it transcends. Grief, however, is something that I feel can scare my soul out of me. I also already feel the guilt of leaving behind loved ones to grieve when I make my transition one day. 

Although I have grieved many versions of myself, as well as past relationships I have been in, I have never had to grieve the loss of anyone that I was close to in my life.  I have had close friends lose loved ones, such as their parents or children, and seeing the pain on their faces is something I can never stop replaying in my mind. Watching them breakdown and not having the words that will ever be good enough to comfort them is an indescribable feeling.

People from the outside quickly move on after hearing about devastating news, but what about the families and loved ones whose hearts are shattered and are barely surviving the pain of grief? How do they cope?

I pray for my family every single day and I ask for God to cover them. I pray for them more than I do for myself. It seems selfish but I pray so hard because I don’t think that I would ever survive the grief process if something happened to one of them.

I have to constantly remind myself when this fear comes up that everything in this life, including this life, is temporary. You have to know this and act accordingly. Love people while they’re here but be detached enough to accept when they are gone and thank them for their presence. This is very hard for me but I’m starting to believe I have the strength in me to conquer this fear.

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PS. To all my friends and loved ones who have lost parents and/or children, thank you for showing me what strength looks like. 

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