Layover In Lisbon 

Hi Party People !!

I am fresh off my birthday trip to Lisbon and Amsterdam. First off, I just have to say that I regret not visiting the cities in reverse order! I definitely did not spend enough time in Lisbon. I fell in love with the city in the short amount of time I was there.

I really only booked this trip because I caught a deal back in February with TAP Portugal airlines. The ticket was $250 roundtrip! The only “catch” was that there was an 8 hour layover in Lisbon. Well most people may be detered by a long layover but I think its a great way to go out and explore another city. So its two destinations for the price of one !

If you guys remember I did the same thing in Greece back in April. I explored Athens for a day and then took a later flight into Santorini. However, this trip I really regretted not spending more time in Lisbon. The city was so warm, beautiful, and enchanting at the same time. You can get lost in the beauty and culture of their streets. At least I did.



Layover Tips:

  • If you are doing a trip with a long layover, travel with carryon luggage only. If you check bags it can get tricky. Well maybe not but im always scared my bag wont make it to my connecting flight somehow. What I did was checked my carry on luggage into a short term storage at the airport. They price you based on how many pieces of luggage you check in. I think I paid about 12€ or something along those lines
  • Next-go to the information desk at the airport and find out how close the airport is to the  neighborhoods  you want to explore and what the best way to get there is. This is so you can time yourself. You still need to be back at the airport at least two hours before your connecting flight. When I was in Athens, it was easier to take a taxi and have the driver take you to a few destination. However, in Lisbon it was easier to take the aerobus at the airport into the city.
  • Make sure that if you want to get out in your layover city to take pictures that you pack a change of clothes in your carryon. Unless you want to take pics in your airport/travel sweats. Thats fine too. No judgement zone here !

As you can see from the pictures, Lisbon was nothing short of amazing! Amsterdam on the other hand…I will write a separate post about! Talk to you soon !

-Ciao, Bella


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