Montréal For The Win

Hi Loves!!!

It’s been a while. I know! Please accept my apologies!

Well I, unlike most people, flew up North for Memorial Day weekend! I went with my sister and cousin and it was the best girls trip I have been on in quite a while.

If you want to avoid all the long lines and crowds at the airport during a holiday weekend, fly up North and leave on a Saturday! Getting through the airport was a breeze going and coming because there wasn’t anybody in there! Lol!

But listen, Montréal is a vibe. Do you hear me? A VIBE! I loved every minute of it! It’s so chill and laid back. Everyone minds their business but were friendly if approached.

Where I Stayed

We stayed at the Omni Hotel Mont-Royal. I LOVED this hotel. It was very clean and modern but more importantly, the staff was exceptionally friendly and accommodating. This hotel is located in downtown Montréal but was close to everything. We were able to walk to Old Montréal from the hotel. It was a very long walk but it was so beautiful out that we did not mind at all.

Also note, Airbnb’s in Montréal are DIRT CHEAP. So please also consider that option if planning a trip there. It’s cool to have the local experience. Especially if you are fluent in French. If you took French in high school, you will get plenty of practice here. However, everyone speaks English as well.

What I Ate

So listen, I don’t know if I ever told you how trash the food is in Europe, so because Montréal is so much like France, I couldn’t run the risk of ruining my trip. Therefore, we found a Jamaican restaurant (because you know we setup shop everywhere) to dine at. The name of the restaurant is called Mango Bay. The food was so good we ate there two nights in a row!

We also went to Universel for brunch, which is poppin’ on a Sunday. I don’t know if it was just because the weather was gorgeous that day or because Montréal turns up on Sundays, but either way the food was good.

What I Did

If you are staying in Downtown Montréal, Crescent Street is where you want to be! This street is so vivid and lively on a Saturday night. It’s full of plenty bars, clubs, and restaurants. Now that I think of it, I also didn’t see any fights or drunk belligerent ratchetness, just cool people trying to have a good time.

Old Montreal  

Notre Dame

Old Montréal mine as well be called Little Paris because that is exactly what it looks like. The streets are made of brick and cobblestone and it feels like you literally stepped into Paris. Total European vibe!

Jacques-Cartier is an area in Old Montréal that’s lined up with restaurants and street vendors. It’s a good place to grab a drink or a bite to eat and just people watch, especially on a gorgeous day.


Overall the city of Montréal is amazing. I think I may like it more than Toronto. Ok well I don’t know if I can go that far because my love for Toronto runs deep! However, now that I found this quick getaway spot, I will be visiting a lot more often.

Did I mention the city is so clean you could probably eat off the floor (if no one was looking)? My sister, cousin, and I contemplated going through the Canadian citizenship process by the time we left to be honest. The flight there is only an hour and 20 minutes from NYC. You can also easily drive there but how in the world would I get mileage points if I did that? *rolls eyes*

Moral of the Story: Get your butt to Montreal some time before winter kicks in and you regret buying the ticket!

That’s all for now because I am about to get ready to leave for my next adventure. Talk to you wanderers soon!



7 thoughts on “Montréal For The Win

  1. As I was scrolling through your pics, I definitely had the thought of how much Montreal looked like Paris. LOL! It looks absolutely beautiful and historic. I’ve never been, but I’ve been to Toronto, which has a completely different aura about it. But Canada is just a beautiful place all around.

    Glad you enjoyed. I’ll have to consider northern territory for MDW next year.

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