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Nelson Mandela: Forever Inspiring

In 1990 when Mandela was finally freed, my father made me do a book report on him, not for school, just so that I could understand his greatness. Fast forward 25 years later, I finally got the chance to go to the country that Nelson Mandela miraculously saved from apartheid. The feeling was indescribable. The history lesson I received from this trip confirmed one thing: MY GOD IS REAL…


The above images are the prison cell in Robben Island that Nelson Mandela slept in during eighteen of the twenty seven years he served in prison. The red bucket served as his toilet. This was the saddest part of my trip but I still felt comfort in knowing that after all that he suffered, he was still able to forgive the people that hurt him and asked a nation of people to do the same. After surviving forty years of torture by the apartheid government, I know that only God was able to bring peace and forgiveness to a hurting country. I am forever inspired!


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