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7 Self-Care Tips For The New Year

Guess what my loves?!  Today is my one year anniversary…well my blog anniversary! I cannot believe that I am here a year later still talking about what I love, travel and faith! I am so proud of myself for taking a step out on faith and starting this blog. Not only that, but I am so proud of how I evolved over the past year!

As we are about to enter a new year I want to encourage you to go after your dreams, kick your faith into high gear, and always remember this: FAITH OVER FEAR!

I actually sat down at my computer to write a blog about my recent trip to Cuba (which I will post soon), but this was on my heart. I really want to encourage you guys to pick at least one thing on your bucket list and make sure you get it done for 2017. Well, you don’t even have to wait that long, the time is now! Book the trip, start the business, go back to school, apply for the job, take the job offer, FACE YOUR FEARS!

Life is an emotional roller coaster and you never know what it is going to throw at you, but every time you fall, you have to get back up and keep moving. EACH AND EVERY TIME!

If you stop moving then you stop living. 

I started having anxiety attacks a few years back while working at a very stressful job and let me tell you those attacks are no joke. With that said, I had an attack a few weeks ago and I was in shock because I have not had one in a long time and I did not feel like I was stressed or overwhelmed. This is when I learned that if you do not take care of your body, your body will (very rudely) check you! Therefore, when I am feeling, exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, all of the above, I get into my self-care routines.

Sometimes you cannot avoid stressful situations, but you can choose how you respond to it.

Here are some self-care things that I do when I feel that I am unbalanced or overwhelmed:

1) Oil Burning/Diffusing: I recently got into essential oils. Essential oils are used for aromatherapy. For example, lavender oil is very good for calming and sleeping, as well as peppermint oil. I also use frankincense oil if I am feeling super anxious, it helps with stress. However, I use the lavender oil the most. I use it at night when my mind tends to race and prevent me from sleeping. You can use the essential oils with an oil diffuser or an oil burner. Fill the diffuser or burner with water and then add a few drops of the essential oil to the water. I often do this when I am getting into bed to watch TV at the end of the night and I sleep a lot better.

2) Meditate/Pray: I have not yet conquered the art of meditation, but I am pretty good at praying. When something is bothering me, most times I light a candle and sit down and have a conversation with God. I do want to get into meditating though, I have been trying to find some good meditation guides, if you know of any please feel free to send me your recommendations.

3) Journaling/Writing: I do not journal on a regular basis but when I am feeling very anxious or bothered by a situation I often write down what I am feeling on a piece of paper to get it out my system. Sometimes I sit in the dark and write whatever I feeling. The fact that I cannot see what I am writing allows me to be completely honest with myself.

4) Burning Rituals: Be careful with this one folks! You can google a lot of different burning rituals. I often do Mysticxlipstic’s burning ritual during the full moon. However, there are sometimes when I am very angry or maybe I am dealing with something that I just need to get out my system and I write down my thoughts and then burn the paper afterwards. As weird as it may sound it is very freeing!

5) Pamper Myself: Do not be afraid to treat yo’self ladies! Hair done, nails done, every thing did! You too fellas! A fresh cut and shape up is always a confidence booster! When I am down I try to do one thing for myself, by myself. When I was going through my depression, I used to online shop like crazy; fast forward to credit card debt. So I strongly advise against shopping sprees when you are feeling down!! ABORT MISSION! However, earlier this year I wrote down a list of things that I wanted to purchase that were towards me investing in myself and/or my brand. I did this with the intention of trying to purchase one thing on my list every time I got paid or once a month (because the rent check will humble you really quickly). Thank God  I have purchased or received in gifts, almost everything on my list.

6) Reading: I really hated reading as a kid. I was the kid that did NOT do any of the summer reading and failed every report about summer reading when the new school year started. But I am really into self help and just books that overall teach me something new. There are three books that I have read that caused me to think totally different: a) The Alchemist, b) The Four Agreements, and c) The Mastery of Love. I encourage you to read them if you haven’t already and let me know what you think!

7) Travel: I am sure you guys saw this coming! TRAVEL IS LIFE! It is literally my answer to everything in life. Feeling sad? Travel. Feeling happy? Travel. It is always good to have alone time away from your environment to refresh and reset yourself. You only have one life, BOOK THE TRIP!

The New Year will be here any minute now! I am asking you guys to make a promise to me that in 2017 you will take better care of yourself!



10 thoughts on “7 Self-Care Tips For The New Year

  1. ’m proud of you for stepping out on faith to share your love, talent and passion with the world. Growth looks great on YOU!

    Self care is definitely the key to maintaining a balanced life, what you do to care for yourself matters:

    Some of my self care regimens are pretty much the same, but my top FAVS are definitely devotional in my quiet time with GOD and journaling, it’s so therapeutic for me.

    I’m planning and have been saving up so I can do half of the exciting things you are doing, such as TRAVELING!

    Girl pray for me!


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