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This Is Why Solo Travel Is Important

Hey Wanderers!! I know I have not been on in a while. I have so much going on in my life right now. As I am sure you all do as well! I have not got the chance to travel much lately. I am so confused as to where I want to go next. I’ve been looking out for deals as a sign on where I should go next.

So guess what guys? I did some domestic traveling over Memorial Day Weekend. I went down to Atlanta. Before I even get into the point of this blog, can I just tell you how much I hated it? Sigh… No offense to anyone from Atlanta but being from NYC I could not get jiggy with it out there! Everything was so spread apart and it was so quiet that it was driving me nuts!

While I was there I hung out with my friend that I have not seen since I was in elementary school and had an amazing time reconnecting with her. Her family was also down there for the weekend and the question I kept getting was “You came down here by yourself”?? They were so shocked that I would just pick up and travel to Atlanta alone.

Solo travel is the bomb dot com guys! Lol. Traveling alone really forces you to learn to trust yourself. Not to mention you get to do whatever you want, whenever you want. You do not have to wait for anyone to book their ticket before you get yours. You do not have to wait for anyone to get dressed when it is time to go out. You do not have to argue for 15 hours about what everyone wants to eat. You can just get up and go!

It’s freeing and it usually gives me all types of clarity about various things going on in my life. I think this is due to the fact that I am out of my element and not readily accessible to anyone being that I am away from home. “Me time” is very necessary!

I went to breakfast by myself and also sat outside the local Starbucks drinking my lemonade and met some cool people in both places. I never have time to do those things when I am home. One thing I can say about Atlanta is their Southern Hospitality is so heart warming. ALL of my uber drivers were so cool and down to earth. I was giving out five stars left and right! Sidebar: For everything being 20-30 minutes apart down there the Uber rides are ridiculously cheap!

On a serious note, it is cool to be solo but you should always be aware of your surroundings and use caution. I stayed in an Airbnb while I was there but I told people I met that I was staying with family. As a solo female traveler, it is important to never let anyone (especially creepy men) know that you are staying alone. It applies for males as well. Be careful, just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean harm won’t come your way. I’m not going to front for you guys, I locked all the locks on the door to the apartment I stayed in and put a chair behind it! That may just be the New Yorker in me though!

I was telling my mom about my trip when I got back and she was not pleased that I stayed in someone’s house (my airbnb) alone for a weekend. She told me she rather I stay in a hotel when traveling alone. While I understand her point, I feel like there are bad people everywhere but God is also everywhere and God has me covered! I always go with my gut and fortunately for me and my gut agreed on ┬ámy Memorial Day Weekend Plans. Trust your judgement!

I suggest everyone tries solo travel at least once, if you are worried try somewhere close to home first. For example, if you live in NYC try doing a weekend trip upstate or in the Hamptons (if you have those coins, lol).

Tell me your thoughts on solo travel, yay or nay?

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  1. I took my first solo trip to Grand Cayman about a month ago and I wish I could have started traveling solo sooner than I did. It is definitely an eye-opening experience and I definitely see more trips like this in the future.

    It’s funny because I used to see so many people posted about solo travel and I used to feel like I could and would NEVER do such a thing. And then when I went on my first solo trip, I understood why people travel alone so often. It is definitely freeing.

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