Sydney Vs. Melbourne

Hey Wanderers!

Back in March of this year I embarked on a the longest travel journey of my life! It sounds dramatic but it took me about four (4) months to step foot back in an airport after that journey. That’s how traumatized I was!

The trip from NYC to Sydney was about 23 hours including the layover time. From NYC to LA was six (6) hours and then from LA to Sydney was another 16.5 hours. 

Before leaving to Australia, I did some research and I found that a lot of people thought that Melbourne was more diverse and more friendly towards people of color than Sydney was. As someone who has had issues #TravelingWhileBlack I took the advice seriously. I therefore booked more time in Melbourne than in Sydney.

Well let’s just say…I got it twisted!! I am not negating anyone else’s experience or treatment in Sydney, but I actually was treated way better in Sydney than in Melbourne. Everyone was so helpful and accommodating in Sydney. It was more calm and laid back, just an overall beautiful flow of energy.

Melbourne on the other hand reminded me of New York City. Diverse, yes, but also everyone minded their business and it was a lot more busy than Sydney. It is a metropolitan city. There are restaurants and bars at every turn. However, people were not as friendly or open to conversation in Melbourne as they were in Sydney. 

Sydney reminded me of so many places but the place that felt most familiar was Montreal. If you read my previous post on Montreal, than you know how much I loved it. Sydney gave me the same vibe. It was clean and neat just like parts of Canada I’ve been to. Overall, I had a great trip but I defintley would spend more time in Sydney if I ever go back. I would also visit more cities such as Brisbane and Gold Coast.


Where to Stay:

I stayed at the Swissotel Sydney in the center of the city. The rooms are comfortable and spacious. It was truly an enjoyable stay and experience. It’s in walking distance from the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. The hotel is located in the business district and surrounded by lots of shopping.

Things To Do:

  • Sydney Opera House
  • Harbour Bridge
  • Darling Harbour
  • Chinatown
  • Bondi Beach
  • Manly Beach
  • Blue Mountains


Where to Stay:

I found that there were not plenty of inexpensive hotel options in Melbourne. I ended up staying at the Citadines on Bourke Melbourne which is condo hotel. The hotel is located in a prime area of the city, as it is surrounded by what seems like hundreds of restaurants and bars. It is also very close to public transportation. It is literally in the heart of Melbourne.

Things to Do

  • Flinders Street Railway Station
    Federation Square
    Hosier Lane (for street art)
    Healesville Sanctuary
    Fitzroy Gardens
    Bourke Street Mall

I loved the parts of Australia that I was blessed to experience but if I had to make a choice, Sydney definitely wins in my book. Although, I think if I were in my twenties Melbourne would’ve probably won! Either way, if you get the chance make the trip to the land down under.



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