Feliz in Gran Canaria

Hello Beautiful People! I am fresh off my birthday trip to Gran Canaria! As you all should know by now, I celebrate my birthday every year out of the country. Last year, I went to Amsterdam for my birthday and I was cold and miserable because I became sick due to the change in weather. So,… Read More Feliz in Gran Canaria

Inspiration, Just My Thoughts

F*ck Your Fear

Hey Guys!! I know it has been a while, but I have been going through the motions the past couple of months and I am pulling out of it through lots of prayer and pep talks with myself (yes, I talk to myself). Well guess what?  Self told self that fear was creeping back into… Read More F*ck Your Fear


Montréal For The Win

Hi Loves!!! It’s been a while. I know! Please accept my apologies! Well I, unlike most people, flew up North for Memorial Day weekend! I went with my sister and cousin and it was the best girls trip I have been on in quite a while. If you want to avoid all the long lines and… Read More Montréal For The Win