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I’m preparing to go on another trip this week! I’m super excited about it for a number of reasons but the main reason why I am looking forward to going is to relieve some stress! I’m sure you guys can relate.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to live in the moment whenever you are traveling. Whatever stress you may be going through at home try not to bring that energy with you when you are on vacation. Leaving emotional baggage at home will allow you to get the most out of your experience. I promise you!


In 2014, I did a Mediterranean Cruise in Europe. I traveled to Spain, France, and Italy. I have to be honest  before I left for the trip I was battling depression and drinking almost everyday thinking it was somehow going to cure my depression (rolls eyes). Needless to say, I was really looking forward to my trip.

I decided before I left that I was going to live in the moment during my trip. I did a No Complaint Challenge throughout my vacation. I went on vacation during the last week in August, which had to be during the hottest time of the year, on a cruise ship filled with children that were taking vacation before school started. So trust me there was a lot to complain about! However, if I focused on the 100 degree weather or the 1000’s of kids running around and putting their hands in the bread at the buffet, I would have never enjoyed my trip as much as I did.

This particular vacation became a turning point in my life. I gained so much clarity and felt and heard God so much louder and stronger. I did not let the complaints from others or any negativity come into my space. I truly enjoyed spending time with myself.

One of the stops on the trip was Mallorca, Spain and I went out and explored it alone and felt truly at peace. Another stop was Naples and I recall riding through the country side of Southern Italy and it was such a divine experience. There was absolutely nothing that could penetrate my tranquility at the time.

I explored Mallorca, Spain alone and asked a complete stranger to take this picture of me. I would say he captured the essence of what I was feeling!

When I returned home I tackled my problems differently. I was refreshed and recharged. I didn’t think about all the negative things about a situation first, I acknowledged the problem and figured out solutions. Don’t get me wrong this is not easy and that is why its so important to recharge when you feel your energy being drained or if you are feeling overwhelmed. You don’t always have to go far away, you can start by investing some time in yourself. But whatever you do, DO NOT bring your emotional baggage when you board your flight for vacation!

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  1. Great article! Thank you for opening up about the importance to take time for one’s self. I like to incorporate self-care each week to keep me focused.

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