¡Viva Cartagena!

Inside the Walled City

Hola !

I am writing this post from Cartagena, Colombia! I am actually sitting by the pool writing this but I promised I wasn’t going to tease everyone back home about the blizzard, so disregard that part! 🙂

Anyhow, I am really loving it here. I absolutely love the culture of the city. Especially the drastic difference between the Old City and Bocagrande. I took the photo above inside the Walled City. It is amazing. It was built centuries ago as a fortress as protection from enemies. (Sorry, was busy taking pictures and missed the whole history lesson on this). But regardless, it is literally all you can ask for when wanting to engulf yourself in the culture of a town or city. Most of the houses inside are painted in bright, vibrant colors and I am such a sucker for bright colors. There is also a lot of gorgeous street art which adds to the beauty of it all. It is actually too much to describe in words.

The Walled City is a huge contrast to Bocagrande which resembles South Beach! It was so weird. However, I love the fact that even though they have very modernized and updated parts of the city, they also did not destroy their history and/or culture. There is something for everyone here.

Skyline view of Bocagrande
View of the Walled City

Today I am going to a town called Palenque. It is actually the part of my trip I have been looking forward to the most. I will be back to share my experience here, for now just know this place is amazing and I suggest you visit! Talk to you guys soon!

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