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Why Healing Past Trauma Is Important

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Although I sat down to write a post about my recent trip to Belize, these words came to me instead:

Healing your past trauma is unbelievably important.

Do you think anyone wants to spend all this money on therapy? Do you think spending so much time investing in healing yourself is easy? Do you think you think bringing up traumatic experiences from the past is fun? Who wants to re-live or think about things they purposely blocked out ages ago?

It’s not easy or fun but it is important and life changing. The trauma you don’t heal your children will suffer from. The karmic debt you do not settle your children and children’s children will ultimately inherit.

I have seen it happen to others. I have seen innocent children carrying the pain and baggage from their parents and/or generations before them. Toxic family cycles can be broken but you have to have the determination and strength to break free from those chains. Although I may not always feel strong, I am determined to break generational curses and toxic family cycles.

Recently I saw a quote that said “the wound may not be your fault but it is your responsibility to heal”. This is absolutely true. If you want to break family cycles and settle karma you must heal without blame. How does blaming anyone fix YOUR pain? This is why I decided a while ago to take full accountability of my life and stop blaming others.

Example of Family Cycles

My grandmother worked two (2) jobs at a time when she came to the US to make sure all her children were housed and fed. My mother took shit from non-melanin people at her job for years when I was growing up while getting paid pennies just so that we could have a roof over our head and food on our plates. Conversely, both my mother and grandmother were so busy to make ends meet that they didn’t have nearly enough time to spend with their children. They did have time to heal their children’s wounds or their own. They didn’t have enough time to coddle their children and make sure everything was okay. They were in a constant state of survival mode.

I can cry (not literally) about being 34 and watching all my friends get married and have children or I can continue to do the work to heal and break chains so that when my time comes my children won’t have to worry about watching their mother operate in survival mode. I want to be able to coddle them and participate in their lives as much as possible. I want to make sure that my children have as little of my karma to pay for as possible.

Obviously children have two parents and they can inherit karma and generational curses from either parent. We could get into the importance healing and self love have on the way you choose significant others and attract non-toxic relationships. We can also get into how that can further eliminate the chances of your children inheriting negative karma but I’m sure you guys get the picture, right?

Moral of the Story:

Work on yourself. Do the work it takes to heal from past traumas. Heal your wounds. You don’t have to be like those before you. Create positive karma. Break family cycles. Be a good person. Love yourself and others.



3 thoughts on “Why Healing Past Trauma Is Important

  1. Hello Bella,

    I just read your article about healing past trauma and I was very moved by your words! I am going through this very thing myself. I find it to be very helpful to hear that I am not alone in my journey. I recently began blogging myself and have a ton of questions to ask someone who is further along in the process. Please reach out if you are interested in providing guidance.

    Thank you

    Precious Lesley aka Loud Nerd

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