You Better Belize It

And I’m back!

Hey guys! I recently took my talents to  Belize! I have to admit that Belize was not on my immediate list of places to go to but my friend convinced me to meet her there. She had been trying to convince me for a while that this would be a place I would fall in love with. Well, as much as I hate to admit it, she was right!


Unfortunately for me there are no direct flights from NYC to Belize City. I had to take a connecting flight which sucks when you want to bring liquor back home because you have to check your luggage. You guys know I am #TeamCarryOn. No rum for me! 🙁

I stayed in Placencia which is in the southern part of Belize. I had to take one of those little baby planes to get there from Belize City. Guys, I was terrified! Also, it had the nerve to make stops like it was a taxi! There are two (2) domestic airlines that are used to travel to other parts of the island. I flew on Maya Air but Tropic Air is the other option. I would definitely check both airlines to see who is offering the cheapest flight.

As you can see the plane is a tad bit old which made me even more terrified
The baby plane


View From Balcony

I stayed at the Maya Beach Hotel in a three bedroom apartment that was on top of the hotel bar. The hotel is located directly on the beach. Can you say dream come true? They have plenty of options to choose from in terms of accommodations. The staff was amazing and very accommodating. People are supposed to be friendly and accommodating in the hospitality industry but I felt they were genuinely nice and went above and beyond for us during our stay.


My activities included sitting on my patio and watching the ocean, lounging in the pool, and praying on a dock the extended into the middle of the ocean.  However, they also included me getting drunk at the beach bar and passing out by 2pm. Balance.

the dock where I spent most of my time
chillin’ poolside

Since we had a friend that lives in Placencia take us a around we were fortunate enough to not do many “touristy” things. I went to a beautiful waterfall that I didn’t benefit from because I can’t swim. We also went to a private island which I could have benefited from because the water was shallow but instead I fell off my kayak and into the water and thought I was drowning in 3 feet of water. Again balance.

Beautiful Waterfall that I could not jump in

My favorite activity I must say was a spa day at Naïa Resort And Spa. Not only did I enjoy the treatment I received but the facility and resort itself is so beautiful and serene. If you are ballin’ out of control I would recommend staying at the actual hotel. If you are like me and are not ballin’ out of control I would suggest treating yourself to their spa. I remember thinking to myself “Do I even deserve this?”. I was so at peace.


I mostly ate at my hotel, especially for breakfast and lunch and the food was great. At night we would usually go “in town” to eat for dinner and hang out. Town is where the club and all the bars are centrally located so once you are in town for the evening you are pretty much out for the night!

One night we went to Tipsy Tuna which is cute sports bar that is on the beach. They usually have a live DJ or music playing and it’s a good vibe. This place was good for bar food. Not necessarily a big meal.

View of the full moon from Tipsy Tuna

We also went to Barefoot Beach Bar which is also in town and they had a better selection of food choices in terms of dinner. There is also a DJ and the drinks are cheap so you know I was distracted. I don’t even remember what I ate, honestly.

Barefoot Bar-after a few drinks

Placencia was a good vibe. I felt very comfortable there. I would even feel comfortable traveling there alone. Belize itself is so diverse and I enjoyed soaking up all the culture. I learned a lot about the Mayans and learned a lot more about the Garifuna culture and community. I wanted to visit Hopkins which is said to have a lot of my (Jamaican) people. I’m sure I can find some relatives over there but I’ll investigate that more on my next trip. As you can see from the pictures, my trip was beautiful, serene, and peaceful. What more could you ask for on vacation?

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