Your Message is Not For Everyone

Hey All!  I am just popping in to share something with you that struck a chord with me the other day.

Last week I was watching “Flyingwithpurpose” aka Jae on snapchat and she said something that hit me so hard that I had to message her about it. She said that “we shouldn’t get upset when friends/loved ones do not support us because maybe our message is not for them”. Not only did that statement make sense to me, it actually gave me a lot of relief. If that makes sense…

The reason I use the word relief is because I’ve noticed that since I started my blog I felt like I have to “force” certain friends/loved ones to read my blog posts or go on my website. I would always ask “did you read my new blog?” or “Are you following my IG/Twitter/FB page?” I would even just manually send them the links to my blogs or articles in order for them to read them and receive feedback. The relief I got from her message is that:

I can’t force people to catch a Word that is not meant for them to receive. 

Lately, I noticed that I have been getting random messages from complete strangers telling me that I inspire them. And even if only two (2) people ever send me messages like that, it still means the world to me. I love that my experiences can be used to inspire people for the better.

Jae’s Instagram posts is exactly what attracted me to her light and why I began following her. I am not gonna lie, sometimes when I see a post with a long caption, I like the picture and skip reading the caption because…fake ADHD (lol). However,  I read one of her testimonies and I was truly touched. I felt that although our paths have been different, I related to her a lot. She was completely raw and honest in her words and thoughts. It makes me more comfortable to know that expressing your emotions and life experiences isn’t such a bad thing. This is the same impact I want to have on my readers. I want them to be able to connect and recieve whatever message that I have to give. I won’t connect with everybody, maybe not even my closest friends or family, but that is okay. I find relief in that now.

But the moral of this story is, do not feel like your friends/family support strangers instead of yourself, maybe what you are doing is not meant for them. Do not feel offended if you support people that do not support you back, support them anyway. For every person that does not support you, there are so many others that will. The most important supporter is God and He always has your back!

-Ciao, Bella

PS. Leaving for Europe in a couple of weeks to celebrate my birthday. The travel post will be back soon. No worries! lol

2 thoughts on “Your Message is Not For Everyone

  1. Ha! I wish I could like this over and over again.

    I couldn’t wrap my head around this for my own blog and even after two years I still have to remind myself of this.

    It also helps me check my heart and remember why I write and teach what I do and just trust God to use it as He pleases on whoever He pleases.

    Family/friends may be a bit blinded by familiarity and that okay but rest easy that whoever’s Word it is, they willl catch it simply because you wrote what was on your heart.


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