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Your New Life Awaits

Hey Loves!

It’s been a while because I have felt uninspired to write however, I recently had a conversation with a friend that sparked this message in me.

Your New Life Will Absolutely Cost You Your Old One, But I Swear It’s Absolutely Worth It.

You have to let go of the people and bad habits that no longer serve your highest good if you are trying to level up in life. Each time you grow you have to let go.  Growth happens throughout your life and it’s not always easy to let go of some people and habits but growth and healing is a continuous process that leads to your purpose and destiny.  You have to lose to gain anything in this life.

People such as friends, associates, spouses, romantic partners, and family can delay your growth and healing process. Having the wrong people around you stagnates you. Being the smartest person in the room will always frustrate you. You have to be willing to cut people off that don’t contribute to your growth. If you are the only one doing the teaching and trying to help others grow that holds you back as well because it is not a reciprocal relationship. There is no one there pouring back into you.

Please know that it’s normal to lose friends and end relationships. You may have been aligned with someone at one point in your life but it doesn’t mean you will be aligned for a lifetime. Never be afraid to grow or do better for yourself out of fear of losing people.

Do you know how many “friends” I had when I was a depressed alcoholic with low self-esteem and a lack of self-love? I was hanging out every day and always had plans until all the drinking and partying were no longer resonating with me. Most of the people I was hanging with then, I no longer speak with. Some bonds that you form with others are formed because of fear and/or trauma. Nothing fear based can come to full fruition. The friendships didn’t last because once I started healing and growing the bond was broken. There was nothing that we had in common anymore.

Circle Got Smaller. Everybody Can’t Go. -Nipsey Hussle

Moral of the story:

Don’t be scared of your healing and growth. Don’t be scared to step out of your comfort level and enter into a new level of your life WITHOUT those that are holding you back. You will be surprised the doors of opportunity waiting to open for you once you drop the dead weight. Your new life awaits!



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